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Top 5 Careers to Pursue By 2017 (Info-graphic)

Top 5 Careers to Pursue By 2017
If you are looking for a career development phase or want to change career in a new phase then these are the most important career to pursue because these will be most enhanced careers by 2017. Apart from job satisfaction these will provide you a handsome pay. Credit: infographicszone.com
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Resignation Tips – How To Quit Your Current Job Gracefully!

Resignation Tips
Has that moment in time arrived when you feel the need to make a change and the need to gear up for a new challenge? According to statistics, there are more than fifteen people resigning per day around the country. Not many of them leave with contended faces & with a warm farewell. If you don’t want to be the one creating bridges and hindrances to your future prospects,...
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Top 25 Odd Jobs That Pay Really Well (Info-graphic)

25 Odd Jobs That Pay Really Well
We are afraid of doing the odd jobs but we may be unaware that there a number of odd jobs that pay really awesome. These are 25 odd jobs that pay really well. Credit: jobtiles
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What Questions To Ask The Prospective Employer?

Questions To Ask The Prospective Employer
In all probability, at the end of the interview (applicable to Sarkari Naukri as well!), the prospective employer asks you whether you have any questions or queries in store for the employer before you depart. We comprehend that interviews can beat the shit out of you because of the endless questions being put up and by the time you get to the final stage of the interview, you...
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How To Respond Frequently Asked Interview Questions?

Interview Frequently Asked Questions
Do you hear these frequently asked interview questions again and again in your interviews but still not sure how to respond them and make an impression? Then read this. If you are preparing for a job Interview (yes, it applies to Sarkari Naukri Interviews as well!) it surely is dreading to brood over your forthcoming job interview and how to respond to those frequently asked job...
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Keep Away From These Salary Negotiation Mistakes!

Salary Negotiation Mistakes
We comprehend that some people don’t like parleying about salary but, if truth be told, whether you’re a fresher or a veteran, whether you are keen on salary negotiation or dismay it, the catch is to avoid the frequent salary negotiation mistakes and get a handle on the negotiation tactics to acquire the job offer you are seeking for. There can be a lot of hullabaloo about...
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The Questions To Solicit Before You Quit Your Job!

Before You Quit Your Job!
With the progressing times, employers wish for a job change and many a times, the frustration level gets on their nerves. As a result, they don’t even think about a backup plan before quitting their current position. Making such important decisions shouldn’t be implemented before an intense analysis and before considering various aspects. You must solicit a few questions prior...
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5 Resume Mistakes That Hurts Your Job Search

Resume Mistakes
If you are into a job search, it’s time to buff up and make amendments in your resume and avoid resume mistakes. Make sure that it stands apart from the rest. It can be fascinating to heave eccentric deeds to persuade recruiters to consider your application. But in order to sensibly seek for a job, chart it astutely. What would eventually work in your favor is, a faultless...
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